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What are Dynasplint® Systems?

The Dynasplint System is a dynamic splint. The key to its effectiveness is the low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) technology that delivers a biomechanically correct stimulus to create a permanent length change in shortened connective tissue. The device mimics a therapist’s hands, providing the patient with an additional gentle stretch at home as part of their home exercise program (HEP).

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Unique Characteristics:
Biomechanically Correct

Dynasplint® Systems are biomechanically correct thanks to the 3-4 point force/counterforce system.

Physiologically Correct

Dynasplint® Systems apply a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) to the connective tissue by constantly seeking the patient’s end range of motion.

T.E.R.T. (Total End Range Time)

There is a direct correlation between the amount of time a joint spends at its available end range and gains in range of motion.

Bilateral Tensioning System

The bilateral tensioning system applies an equal amount of force across the joint and maintains proper anatomical alignment.

Customized Fit

Dynasplint® consultants customize the fit of each unit and create a wearing schedule conducive to the patient’s lifestyle, along with providing support and follow-up care.

Patient Friendly

Dynasplint® Systems are well-labeled and easy for the patient to apply and remove. Changing the tension is as easy as turning a screwdriver!