We work with leading insurance providers to provide patients with high-quality, effective dynamic splints to accelerate the healing process.

Appropriate candidates for a Dynasplint® System include patients with connective tissue changes as a result of traumatic and non-traumatic conditions or immobilization, causing a limited range of motion. These conditions can be helped through low-load, prolonged-duration stretching.  

Patients who use the Dynasplint System, alongside their prescribed home exercise program, experience more consistent progress and are more likely to have a successful rehabilitation experience. 

A clinical study documented that routine use of the Dynasplint System reduces cost and rehabilitation time by as much as 53%, while significantly improving patient outcome and functional use.

The Dynasplint System is innovative and biomechanically correct, and we are proud to offer the most effective method to provide the low-load, prolonged-duration stretch stimulus to infant, pediatric and adult patients.